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Intra Provides the benefits of 23 powerful food supplements in one bottle. Daily use of intra helps increase one's energy, stamina, digestive capability, and the body's ability to repair itself. Its antioxidant properties help combat body pollution and promotes healthy cells.

Intra Philippines is one of the most cheapest distributor in the Philippines and gives 20% discounts to all customers.


Feel The Synergy — Intra & Nutria Taken Together

•   The 23 botanicals found in Intra helps balance and strengthen the body’s systems with the essential nutrients that are lacking in modern diets.

•   The fruit and vegetable-based antioxidants found in Nutria protect cells and have been shown to fight diseases, including cancer.

•   When taken together, a series of synergistic reactions can magnify the power of phytonutrients and antioxidants in Intra and Nutria, providing greater benefits that taking each alone.

In fact, taking both at the same time even increases the absorption rate.

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